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Pulse Smart City Hubs

Interaction design to keep cities connected

Building the UK’s first smart hub, with life-saving capabilities.

Pulse smart hub is designed to connect members of the public to their city by sharing local information and events, providing free calls and wifi, and offering life saving services. Located in cities across the UK Pulse hubs are the latest smart technology to connect cities.

Taking into account the huge demographic of potential users on the street, including age and language barriers, we needed to create a user experience that absolutely anyone could navigate.

A user experience for the city

On a busy street users want a system they can easily navigate without the need for instructions, so we needed everything to be as intuitive as possible. We carried out user experience testing across key sample groups to help inform our user journeys and ensure that the final output used recognised patterns, colours, buttons and a visual language to shape a clear and cohesive user experience.

A truly democratic design

We used a large screen to create good street visibility and accessibility. Using life-sized prototypes and wall-mounted tablets we were able to create space-planning solutions and cater for people of different heights and abilities.

Bringing data to life

Aside from offering a totally free communications service and savings lives, Pulse wanted to create a way for residents and visitors to understand their city’s environment a little better. We worked with them to develop a simple interface that showed air quality, footfall and sound levels in a way they could easily get on board with.

Let’s make something great together

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